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Pet Suppliers Directory And Pet NewsPet Suppliers Directory And Pet News.

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Owing to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, pbw news is currently being published fortnightly as a digital ‘flipping page’ magazine. Thank you for your continuing support in these difficult times; we hope you will also support our advertisers, who have enabled us to continue publishing the UK’s No.1 pet trade news magazine – clicking on the ads will take you directly to their websites. Register your email address now to receive all future editions and updates straight to your inbox. There is no limit to the number of copies each company can receive so don’t delay, sign up today for your FREE copy delivered via email. To register.

Accounts Manager – Central UK Versele-Laga Area Sales Manager – London & South McAdams Territory Manager Monkfield Nutrition Sales Account Manager Kennelpak Freelance Agents Required Designer Pet Products.

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