Online Business Services.

Online tools are provided so that your experience with the Business Registration Division is stress free while conducting research, monitoring a company, or submitting a document for filing.

Search Online Business Services.

My Account Information.

View “Creating and Managing My Account” if you don’t already have an account or want to learn how to manage more than one user per account.

Ordering Certified Documents.

The Business Registration Division can certify documents which have been filed and provide Certificate of Existence to companies on the business register. You will need to sign into your account before placing an order.

Submitting Documents Online.

You may file annual reports online and submit PDF documents online for other types of business filings.

Monitoring Companies.

Accountants, Registered Agents, company officials, licensing boards, and third parties can sign up for free e-notification when a document is filed or when the status of the company may change.

Paying Invoices.

If you have an invoice which needs to be paid, you can pay this online. The instructions for paying online are on the invoice.

Reports and Listings.

Reports and listing already provided by the Business Registration Division as well as interactive reports where you can enter the search parameters on historical public records.