Global Economic Databank

Global Economic DatabankGlobal Economic Databank.

Compare economic data across over 200 countries.

An analytical database of economic indicators for 201 countries, the services provides access to hundreds of series for each country, with a complete view of macroeconomic and socioeconomic data, trends, and forecasts.

Updated each month in line with our baseline forecast, this database draws on our fully-integrated Global Economic Model to provide detailed and internally consistent historical and forecast data on all regions of the globe. Data go as far back as 1980, and look ahead to 2050. Our economists rigorously review a continuous inflow of data worldwide to produce up-to-date global economic analysis and financial forecasts.

What the service includes.

Extensive databank. A range of economic indicators for every country, including GDP and domestic demand, prices and wages, labour market, trade, balance of payments, financial indicators, government accounts, and socioeconomic and demographic data sets. Consistent forecasts. Forecasts are produced using our Global Economic Model, the most widely-used forecasting framework. This ensures that all forecasts are consistent across countries, regions, trading blocs, and the world. Regular updates. The service is updated each month with our new baseline forecast, and looks ahead to 2050 with historical data back to 1980.

Software and support.

Advanced analytical functions. Our web-based databank allows users to quickly build custom queries and view data in tables, dashboards, charts, or maps with full export as an image or to Excel. Economist support. We provide full client support to answer questions about our data or forecasts.


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We have expanded our databank services to include a databank of monthly macro-economic forecasts . For those needing access to the very latest gauges of economic developments the Global Monthly Forecasts Databank supplements our quarterly datasets for major economies around the world with access to forecasts of monthly macro-economic and financial data for a range of key variables including inflation, retail sales, industrial production, interest rates and exchange rates across major economies.

Our quarterly datasets are ideal for clients who need comprehensive coverage of macro-economic and financial indicators updated each month. Our monthly datasets are the ideal choice for retailers and others who need more granular detail on the month-to-month movements in key variables.

Please contact your local representative to find out more about the monthly forecasts service or to request access.

Service Coverage.

The Global Economic Databank provides hundreds of indicators for each country, covering key areas of the economy such as: – GDP and domestic demand – Prices and wages – Labour market and population – Trade and balance of payments – Financial indicators – Personal sector – Housing market – Company sector – Government accounts – Commodity prices – Risk indicators – Socioeconomic data – Household income – Consumer spending – Retail sales.

Subscribers to the full service also receive access to our Country Economic Forecasts and our monthly review of world economic prospects.

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