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WEA Commentaries Volume 10, Issue No. 2, May 2020.

Real-World Economics Review – issue 91.

David Colander Asad Zaman Bernard C. Beaudreau … and more.

WEA Commentaries Issue Vol 10, Issue 1.

TRADE WARS after Coronavirus: The economic, political, and theoretical implications.

A new conference from the WEA, scheduled for October.

Economic Thought Volume 8, Issue 2 published.

Featuring articles by: Juozas Kasputis Ioannis A. Katselidis Richard Everett Planck Miguel D. Ramirez Stavros Mavroudeas.

Going digital conference.

The WEA conference “ GOING DIGITAL: What is the Future of Business and Labour? ” has now closed.

With papers by Grazia Ietto-Gillies, Peter Söderbaum, Bin Li, Marc Jacquinet, Guilherme Nunes Pires, and Alessandro Zoino CFA.


It’s measurement and metric.

A new book by Edward Fullbrook.

“In a deep re-think, this ground-breaking study teaches new lessons about the very foundations of economics. It is a book for philosophers and economists alike and for anyone concerned with the very core of assumptions on which economics is founded.” Lars Syll , Malmö University, Sweden.

2008 Economic Crisis Conference.

Capital and Justice.

A new book from WEA Books Edited by Gerson P. Lima and Maria Alejandra Madi.

The book Capital and Justice calls for a deep examination of current power, politics and economics in a social context where democratic institutions are being threatened.

Trumponomics – Causes and Consequences.

A new ebook from the WEA.

Two things seem generally agreed about Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States: it is, for good or for bad, potentially a major historical turning point and its most important determinant was the economic reality experienced today by the majority of Americans.


Issue 8, April 2017.

The Political Economy of the University INC.

Narrative fixation in economics, Edward Fullbrook.

“This is a great book. Against the background of the dogmatism of much of modern economics, Edward Fullbrook has produced an innovative and wide-ranging argument for narrative pluralism. The timely book is beautifully written, accessible to all, provocative, extraordinarily insightful, and extremely compelling.” Tony Lawson, Cambridge University, UK.

Green Capitalism: The God that Failed.

“Essential reading for anyone opposed to planetary suicide. Capitalism is waging a war against nature. And until this becomes obvious to masses of people, we will be limited to reformist projects that can only slow the drive to oblivion, but not stop it. As Smith reminds us, ‘It is no exaggeration to say that this is the most critical moment in human history.’” David Klein, Truthout | Book Review.

40 Critical Pointers for Students of Economics, by Stuart Birks.

This book introduces 40 critical pointers for those who wish to see the theory in a broader, more realistic context. The material is suitable for introductory and intermediate courses and can be included selectively by students for additional reading or in lectures or tutorials as discussion points.

WEA Pedagogy Blog.

Perspectives on Economics & Society.

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